Cocktails at Christmas – here’s 5

Cocktails at Christmas – here’s 5 to try at home. As shaken mixed & blended with the girls from WOW magazine.


4 easy cocktails to make at home

4 of the easiest cocktails to make at home here for you. You don’t necessarily need a cocktail shaker, a large supply of ice or especially elegant glasses. Go minimalist.

How to monitor your units of alcohol consumption

Why do people count calories and not units of alcohol. I’ve never met anyone ever who counts units. Never. Ever. But why is this? Some thoughts on keeping it under control and how easy it is to count units.

Green Apple Martini – a modern classic

Green Apple Martini. Make a perfect cocktail at home. All you need is Gin, Apple Sourz and Monin green apple syrup. Something you can try at home. And then version 2 adds pressed apple juice to the mix, making a better balanced longer cocktail.

Spiced Negroni – an interesting twist on a classic

Many will argue that the iconic Negroni shouldn’t be messed with. However this for me is the the best Negroni around. The Spiced Negroni featuring the fabulous Audemus pink pepper gin, Sacred Spirits spiced red vermouth and a little Campari.

The best 6 spirit & mixes – non-cocktails

What are the best drinks that aren’t quite cocktails? These are my favourite 6, from some expected ones, through to my choice from leftfield. Furthermore my list features most of the leading spirit categories, and some are light and summery, others more suitable as winter warmers.

Black Mexicana – new Tequila cocktail

The Black Mexicana is a golden tequila based cocktail. Crammed full of Mexican ingredients it is a modern twist on a White Russian – sort of. The chilli infused tequila I put together myself, but there is a lot of flavour to this cocktail. Chilli infused reposado tequila, Patron XO Cafe, Monin liquorice syrup and cream are what you need.

Make your own cocktails at home

Making cocktails at home is a lot of fun and can add a really interesting talking point to your dinner party at home, girls night in – whatever. Admittedly you may need a few bottles but if you spread out these purchases or get your group to bring bottles, it should all be fairly straightforward. Get into making your own cocktails at home. It’s a lot of fun. I know, I tried it.

French 75 – a classic prohibition cocktail

The French 75 is a classic cocktail from the Prohibition era. A fantastic cocktail which is better even than the sum of it’s parts. Combining 2 fashionable ingredients : Prosecco and gin, with a little sugar syrup and lemon juice, this is a winner.

Sandbar – easier than a Pina Colada

The Sandbar is a great cocktail developed in-house based on the flavour profile of the classic Pina Colada. But it so much easier to make. With ice in your shaker, all you need is some good golden rum, Malibu and pineapple juice. A nice sipper for summer.

New cocktail recipe – Cote d’Azur

The Cote d’Azur is one big cocktail. Short and spirity, it has a little syrup to take the edge off the spirits. It is big on flavour and being pear dominated – is an unusual combination. Worth a try, but perhaps one for the end of the evening.

Manhattan – simple but brilliant cocktail

The Manhattan is a simple-to-make and elegant cocktail. One of my personal favourites. There are many variations, but don’t get tricked into substituting bourbon for the original rye whisky. The rye is much better. And entry level brand Canadian Club makes a fine Manhattan.