Chase vodkas – premium and English

Chase was, and still is one of the vanguard of small British distillers who created the new artisanal wave of distilleries. With Chase making potato based vodka in Herefordshire and Sipsmith distilling gin in London, many, many others have followed along behind. Find out more by doing the distillery tour.

Whisky – an interesting fact about …

Whisky is a regal spirit, one that can command top prices and one with a wide range of expressions and styles. However it is a more difficult ingredient to use in developing new cocktails than say gin or vodka, because of it’s depth of flavour and variation. Here an interesting fact about whisky.

What to do with chocolate tonic

A great new spirit and mix combination featuring chocolate tonic from Peter Spanton. Chocolate tonic? Yes really. In the Alpine & Tonic it is combined with Mozart chocolate vodka and a little (a teaspoon) of green Chartreuse. It is really good with the sweetness of the chocolate balanced out by the dryness of the quinine.

Gin market is heading for a crash

Gins at £70? Can they really be twice as good as a premium gin at £35? I’d need to be convinced. It all leads me to the conclusion that the gin market is overheating, which only means one thing – a crash. I hope I’m wrong.

Mixers are the way forward

Mixers are destined to be the next big thing in the development of the spirit and mix and possibly cocktails. Their development has lagged behind spirits especially gin, but led by Fevertree things are changing. Even Britvic are innovating. A trend to watch for sure.

Ice ice maybe

Cocktail making tips for home. Don’t add ice to your drink as this is what the cocktail shaker is for. Instead the drink should be cooled before you pour it.

Vodka – an interesting fact about …

An interesting fact about vodka is about how Smirnoff the Russian distillery got going in 1886. Since the turn of the century and from the 1940s onwards vodka became increasingly popular – to establish it’s position as the largest selling spirit in the world.

Aperol Spritz – deservedly on the radar

Aperol Spritz is a fantastic light, summery cocktail, popular in Southern Europe. It deserves to be more widely known here. If we had the weather I’m sure it would be. 3 ingredients, no shaking, no fiddle, just enjoy.

Rum is a great spirit for Summer

Rum is a great spirit that sums up Summer. With a choice of white, spiced, golden and dark rums there is lots you can do with it, to make a range of great cocktails. Put aside your Bacardi, and try some Havana Club, or mellow aged rums.

Black Mexicana – new Tequila cocktail

The Black Mexicana is a golden tequila based cocktail. Crammed full of Mexican ingredients it is a modern twist on a White Russian – sort of. The chilli infused tequila I put together myself, but there is a lot of flavour to this cocktail. Chilli infused reposado tequila, Patron XO Cafe, Monin liquorice syrup and cream are what you need.

Gin – an interesting fact …

Gin is the fashionable spirit at the moment. Many new distilleries opening every week. Juniper plus a mind-boggling mix of other botanicals. Gin has a very English image, but it’s origins are in fact Dutch. Even it’s name is a nod to our neighbours across the channel.