Green Apple Martini – a modern classic

I owe the green apple martini a lot. It may seem like a strange thing to say, but it was only in trying to track down the elusive green apple syrup that I discovered the fantastic range of Monin syrups. And that was my introduction to a great range of cocktail ingredients.

Originally, back in 2009, I felt that the Green Apple Martini was one of the best new cocktails I’d tried in a while. Admittedly since then I’ve discovered many great new ones and made up a few myself, so it is slowly slipping down the ‘charts’ but it is good nevertheless. The bad news is that it is a little difficult to track down all the ingredients, but the good news it is well worth the trouble ! Honestly.

A great gin based cocktail
A great gin based cocktail

This recipe was brought to us by Nigella. It appears as a recipe in one of her early cookery books.  What you need is 3 ingredients – oh yes and a liking for apple flavours. Not sure it’ll count as one of your 5 a day, but then you’re not here reading this looking for tips on healthy eating are you ?!

The 3 ingredients for the Green Apple Martini are Gin, (preferred to vodka in this recipe as it has a more robust flavour), apple sourz (widely available) and the green apple syrup. This is not widely available retail. However you can find it online fairly easily.

Your recipe is as follows, with ice and shaken.


25 ml Gin

25 ml Apple Sourz

15 ml green apple syrup

Give it a shake and pour into a Martini glass. Straightforward to make but recently I think I might have improved on it further.

Green Apple Martini #2

In an attempt to lengthen it, I added some pressed apple juice. By doubling the volume of the drink, with the apple, I think this is perhaps an even better drink.

So, this is the better cocktail. Slightly better balanced and less potent. Try this;

25 ml gin 

25 ml Apple Sourz 

15 ml Monin green apple syrup

50 ml pressed apple juice

Short and spirity, try version 1. Longer, more refreshing, opt for version 2.

If you’re here because you like gin, and frankly at the moment it seems like everyone does, who not try these 2 alternatives?

How about the in-house creation the Strawberry Martini? It is as good as it sounds with gin, strawberry vermouth (yes really) and raspberry syrup from Monin. That’s a summery one, but if you’re looking for something wintery, why not try this take on a classic : the Spiced Negroni? Gin, of the pink peppercorn variety, spiced English vermouth and the obligatory Campari. Excellent, a personal fave.





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