Spiced Negroni – an interesting twist on a classic

The Negroni is undoubtedly a classic. I find that when you’re talking to mixologists and drinks professionals, it seems that many have strong views about it. The traditional way of making your Negroni features equal quantities of Gin, red vermouth and Campari.

I like all of these ingredients. Sure we can argue about what type of gin you need and what brand of red vermouth is best, but actually I prefer different versions of this classic. The Aperol Negroni for instance is better I think for being a bit lighter. Replacing the Campari with some of it’s lovely stablemate Aperol is an improvement, but the Spiced Negroni for me is the best of the lot.

Spiced Negroni 

Shake the following 3 ingredients with a little ice to chill your drink and add a little dilution

  • 35 ml Audemus Spirits pink pepper gin
  • 35 ml Sacred Spirits spiced red vermouth
  • 25 ml Campari

This makes for a Christmassy (?) take on the classic. The spice comes through and this really brings out the spiced vermouth. Added to this I should point out that the base pink pepper gin is my favourite gin. And that’s a helluva compliment given the quality competition in the gin market at the moment. The Campari doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients, because there’s a smaller amount of this ingredient than the other 2. As a result – for my money this is my favourite variant of the classic Negroni. So there!


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