Black Mexicana – new Tequila cocktail

I often think Tequila gets overlooked as a cocktail ingredient. Slightly. Of course there are tequila cocktails, but it seems at the moment, gin is the most fashionable spirit by far. And certainly in the UK, that took over from vodka, with all it’s flavoured variants.

Black Mexicana cocktail - Tequila based
Black Mexicana cocktail – Tequila based

That leaves white rum, used in the ever popular Mojito and the dark spirits. Cognac and whisky are on a pedestal because of their strong heritage and ageing. Tequila is catching up with anejo (aged) but other than the Margarita, what other classic tequila cocktails do people go for?

There is room undoubtedly for more great tequila cocktails. So how about trying this one the Black Mexicana? It started out as an off-shoot of another cocktail I’d developed the Black Jack, which in turn was a ‘modernisation’ of the ol’ classic the Black Russian. However, this one the Black Mexicana bears only a passing resemblance to the White Russian. So here it is.

Black Mexicana 

  • 50 ml chilli infused reposado tequila
  • 25 ml Patron XO cafe liqueur
  • 35 ml Monin liquorice syrup
  • Cream to float on top

Simply combine all the ingredients (except the cream) in the shaker and shake with ice. Pour into your Martini glass and spoon some cream on top so that it floats as it would on an Irish coffee. I make the infused tequila by infusing scotch bonnet chilli in the infuser for just a few minutes. I’ll write about infusions I’ve tried so far in another entry soon.

But for now, enjoy a little mexology with the Black Mexicana. Cheers.




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