Sandbar – easier than a Pina Colada

sandbar-by-evening-lightThe Sandbar is an in-house creation. I must admit that I always thought the Pina Colada was a fine cocktail. One of the best from the 80s cocktail legacy. Some of the others such as the Freddy Fudpucker or even the Tequila Sunrise are a little overrated, but the Pina Colada is rightly viewed as a classic.

I was tempted to try and recreate the same flavour profile for a party I was doing, but without the pfaff of having to use a blender and coconut milk. From that thought process, this golden rum based cocktail was created.

Although it contains similar flavours, the style of the Sandbar is very different to a Pina Colada. For a start you don’t need a blender – so it’s a lot easier. It is also a longer, fruitier drink and not quite so sweet or sickly – so if this sounds appealing, give it a go. This is all you do ;

Sandbar – great combination of rum, coconut and pineapple

The Sandbar

Put some ice in your cocktail shaker. And if you haven’t got one of these, a good sized screw top jar will do the job. Add some ice.

For your stunning mixture of golden rum, coconut and pineapple, pour in the following ;

40 ml golden rum

40 ml Malibu

75 ml pineapple juice

Shake all 3 ingredients in your shaker with a little ice – just enough to cool the drink.

Pour into a Martini glass and you’re there : good to go. Remember the old Malibu strap line “The sun always shine when it pours!” We’ll drink to that. The photograph shows 4 Sandbars ready to go at a social summer evening. Using a good quality base spirit probably makes sense for this cocktail, and I tend to use Appleton Estate’s Signature golden rum.



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