OMD – an alternative mocktail

This is another great mocktail – ideal for dry January, but I think even better in the summer, if you’re on the wagon. Driving, or not drinking or whatever. It is called the OMD for a reason. Let me explain.


mango-juice-cocktailsFor people of a certain age, over 40 perhaps who were into pop music of the 80s, these letters will mean something. If that’s not you, never mind, we’ll move on.

This mocktail was created initially for a client named Dom. We simply rearranged the letters. Yes really. But the clever bit, is that the name tells you what’s in it. When asked what it contains the answer is “Orange, Mango and a dash of lime.”

Like the Virgin Apple Mojito, I recommend serving this in some type of tall glass such as a Highball. You will need a shaker for this one. Start with some ice in your shaker, then add

  • 75 ml orange juice
  • 75 ml Rubicon mango juice
  • 15 ml Monin coconut syrup

Shake vigorously and pour into your glass, which should have a bit of room at the top. Then pour

  • 50 ml of soda water
  • Squeeze and then drop in ¼ of a fresh lime

Once again, another refreshing and slightly unusual mocktail. I tend to use the Rubicon range of juices in many cocktails and mocktails. Their mango for instance is made from real juice, not concentrate. You can buy supermarket own label mango juice made from concentrate, but if you compare them both side-by-side you will notice a big difference. The real juice is more expensive but thicker, with far more flavour.


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