Virgin Apple Mojito – non-alcoholic classic cocktail

Arguably, the Mojito is the world’s best cocktail. Based in terms of popularity at least. It is apparently the most frequently chosen cocktail around the world. Not my favourite you understand, but that’s because I’m attracted to the new and innovative. But even I appreciate why it is so popular. A classic combination of zingy and natural flavours.

Well if the Mojito is the ‘best’ cocktail, then it’s sibling the Virgin Apple Mojito is probably the best of the mocktails. For all the same reasons. Try it, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Virgin Apple Mojito

The classic mojito works well because it is a stunning combination of full-on natural flavours : lime juice and mint. With added sparkle from the soda water and a little sweetness to give an added hit. The fact that it looks wonderful, a real work of art is also I’m sure part of the appeal.

Virgin Apple Mojito - the best mocktail?The non-alcoholic version popularised by Simon Difford in his excellent range of cocktail books replaces the sinful white rum, with apple juice. I would always recommend pressed apple juice as it looks and tastes better in this mocktail. This is the stuff you find in the supermarket in the refrigerated section, with the words ‘not made from concentrate’ proudly displayed on the label.

This one has to be built in a highball glass. It just wouldn’t look right in any other type of glass.

They can be slightly fiddly to make first time around, but the effort is well worth it in the end. OK, here goes;

  • Some mint leaves. Use 7 if you want specific instructions. Slap them against the back of your hand first to release some of the oils
  • Add ¼ lime – squeeze, then drop in
  • A couple of teaspoons of sugar. Then use a muddler to grind the sugar, lime and mint together
  • Add some ice cubes to about 2/3 way up the glass
  • Add 75 ml pressed apple juice
  • Give the whole lot a gentle stir
  • Squeeze another ¼ lime into the glass and drop in the shell
  • Add 50 ml soda water
  • Finally add some mint leaves on a stalk to the glass so that the mint leaves are sitting above the drink

Relax and enjoy your creation. Another fine mocktail created. One of the keys to making a great Mojito, is to make sure you’re only adding a little soda water. 50 ml I suggest. Many bars water it down with too much soda, which is cheap of course, but prevents you getting that big lime and mint hit which may get you hooked.

Ideal for dry January, but even better in Summer I reckon.




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