Merry Berry Cherry – refreshing alcohol-free cocktail

Another one for dry January. Another mocktail to try, in the ‘spirit’ of discovery.

Like the previous one the China Blue, this one is also fruit based, combining 3 fruit flavours. And another in-house creation, and again one featuring one of the superb range of Monin syrups.

Merry Berry Cherry

Merry Berry Cherry (on left)
Merry Berry Cherry (on left)

This is a great refreshing non-alcoholic mocktail. It is long and fruity, but with a slightly unusual flavour. This one is shaken with ice in your cocktail shaker. Start with a couple of good sized ice cubes in your shaker, and then add the following;

  • 75 ml orange juice
  • 75 ml cranberry juice
  • 35-50 ml of Monin cherry syrup (to taste)

Shake like crazy, until the shaker feels cold to the touch. Then pour into a highball glass. You can garnish with a cherry if you like to keep the whole cherry theme going. But cranberry and orange flavours work well together. Add the slightly unusual flavour of cherry and you have a great drink.

Orange and cranberry flavours combine well in just about anything : food, drink – whatever. And adding the unusual but authentic flavour of cherry makes this a distinctive long drink.


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