China Blue – visually stunning mocktail

It is fashionable of course nowadays to take it a bit easier in January. ‘Dry January.’ If December is a month for feasting and indulging and treating yourself, then January is a good chance to get life back in balance.

Why not use the opportunity to try out some new mocktails? It is important to always have some alcohol-free concoctions on your menu. So it is useful to keep trying new ideas. Here one, that it is an in-house creation.

China Blue

This is a great mocktail. It is both tasty and stunning. All you could want in a drink really. It is a popular choice at cocktail parties we run. It is based on the old 80s classic the Blue Lagoon, which was always one of the most striking cocktails of an era that also brought us the Pina Colada, the Tequila Sunrise and the Harvey Wallbanger.

China Blue on the left with the Monin blue curacao
China Blue on the left with the Monin blue curacao

So, with this creation we leave out the vodka, and replace it instead with Rubicon lychee juice, which gives an unusual and refreshing taste of the exotic to this drink. Also, I use Monin blue curacao syrup here, so that again is non-alcoholic.

It is best served in a long glass such as a Sling, to keep the bubbles and to give your creation maximum visual impact. I give you the China Blue.

  • 50 ml Rubicon lychee juice
  • Topped up with lemonade
  • 50 ml Monin blue curacao syrup (or less if you find it too sweet)

This drink doesn’t need shaking. In fact where anything fizzy is included, you don’t ok?! This one is ‘built’ in the glass. I recommend a bit of ice in the glass first. Nice big, chunky ice is good. Then pour the lychee juice in first. Then I top up with lemonade, but you don’t want too big a glass otherwise the sweetness of the lemonade will overpower everything else. And then the ‘piece de resistance.’ You pour the blue curacao syrup in last. It gradually sinks through the liquid and so looks pretty as you pour it. No harm in showing off a little! Great if you’re making this mocktail in front of someone, or for a child.

I’d be interested in knowing what you think of this mocktail, and in return I’m interested in your top mocktails. Ideas please. Cheers



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