For f**** sake try some new cocktails

It can be tempting to stick to what you know. It is a natural human reaction. And yet………

Every great cocktail that you’ve ever had, started as a journey into the unknown. A “oh that sounds interesting, I think I’ll give that a try” type of experience.

And surely that is the whole point of cocktails. They’re made with a dizzingly diverse range of ingredients. Bartenders and mixologists are trying hard at all times to offer their customers a pleasurable journey to a happy place. Sure not all new libations are a great success. But that’s almost what makes the customer’s choice enigmatic. The fact that there is no certainty. Like going to see a film. Or trying a new meal, or listening to a new album. lavender-martini

So, encourage your customers to try something new. Be evangelical if necessary.

Consider this

If you or your customer selects a Cosmopolitan because they had some great Cosmos on holiday 5 years ago in a bar in Greece, chances are mine, or yours (or indeed any other bartenders) will either be the best Cosmopolitan they’ve ever had, or it won’t. End of.

So I guess what I’m saying is ‘trust me.’

At the other end of the spectrum is the customer who says “What do you recommend?” That’s fraught with difficulties as I don’t know the customer, or what their tastes are. So lots of questions from me will follow. But we’ll save dealing with that one to another article.



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