What to do with chocolate tonic

Spirit and mixes have got a lot more interesting over the last few years. As an alternative to the pfaff of a cocktail, the humble spirit and mix makes a fine stand-in. I like gin & tonic, peach vodka & tonic, dark rum & coke, Campari & bitter lemon. But now with the growth and diversity of bottled mixers especially of tonic, we mixologists have a lot more variations to play with. I think mixers is the next big growth area in drinks. For more of my views on why, click on mixers

The Alpine & Tonic
The Alpine & Tonic

The Alpine & Tonic 

This spirit and mix features chocolate tonic from Peter Spanton, which has now been relabelled as mint and bitters tonic, although interestingly enough it still says chocolate tonic on the rear label.

Then to this I add Mozart chocolate vodka, with just a little green Chartreuse. A little ice for dilution and a quick stir and you’re all good.

Alpine & Tonic

37.5 ml chocolate vodka

90 ml chocolate tonic

1 tsp green Chartreuse

Stir with a little ice in a tumbler, old-fashioned glass. This is one surprising spirit and mix, and a slightly sophisticated drink. Ok, so you might not have all the ingredients, but they are worth tracking down. Enjoy


And if like me, you’re always keen to find new uses for your Chartreuse, try the Deauville, which is my take on the old classic, the Sazerac.


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