Aperol Spritz – deservedly on the radar

The Aperol Spritz is a fine cocktail particularly popular in Southern Europe, especially Italy. With it’s distinctive orangey, red colour it is easy to spot others drinking it at neighbouring tables.

The Aperol SpritzAperol is certainly becoming more widely available too, so presumably there is growing demand. To me it is a light version of the slightly more hardcore Campari. Light in the sense that it is not as bitter as it’s stablemate Campari, but it is still of that bitter aperitif style. It is also lighter in alcohol too at just 11%. That is just about the lowest ABV of any alcoholic ingredient you’re likely to use in mixology.

I recommend this as an ideal cocktail for summer.

Aperol Spritz is often advertised in Southern Europe as 1-2-3. This means 1 measure soda, 2 measures Aperol and 3 measures Prosecco, where 1 measure is 25 ml.

This is one lovely cocktail, and doesn’t need shaking, but a little ice and a bit of stirring will help.

You can also use it in the Negroni, in place of the Campari. There’s nothing wrong with Campari, I like it, but I also appreciate many find it just too bitter. However if you put the Aperol in, to replace the Campari you will find it a much lighter flavour. More here about the Aperol Negroni.

Admittedly performing such surgery on the iconic Negroni will have the purists reaching for their keyboards.


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