Rum is a great spirit for Summer

Rum is one of the Big 6 spirits, and so is a key part in the development of cocktails. You knew that already. On balance it is my second favourite spirit. And yet I don’t drink it that often.

And certainly if drinks are evocative of certain times of the year,  and weather, then rum fits summer perfectly. It’s all about the Caribbean and sunshine.

Continuous stills - not very romantic is it?
Continuous stills – not very romantic is it?

The most well-known rum of course is Bacardi. But this lets the category down a bit. There’s a lot more to rum, than the clear stuff that comes out of a continuous still, and isn’t aged.

I find golden or dark rums much more interesting. They have a deeper flavour and more complexity. And given that they’ve been rested, they are more mellow too. So whether you’re mixing it with coke or adding it to your Long Island Iced Tea or Zombie (if you’re really hardcore) then dark rums have something alternative to offer.

Captain Morgan is fine. I actually still like this. No snobbery here. Kraken black spiced rum is an interesting alternative too. As for golden rums, while Bacardi Gold or Captain Morgan spiced rum maybe familiar sights, I much prefer Appleton Signature blend (or VX as it used to be.) Good enough to drink on it’s own.

Rum collection with Atlantico private cask (third from left)
Rum collection with Atlantico private cask (third from left)

Finally, if you are really a lover of rums and you want to go ultra premium – then try Atlantico Private Cask. It is simply stunning – good enough to sip on it’s own. The wrong side of £40 and not widely available, there is enough to deter you, but for diehard fans it is a pursuit worth making.

But if you want to stick with your white rum and rum cocktails, why not try Havana Club? It’s aged for 3 years so has a slightly yellow tinge to it. And it gives a better, more mellow flavour than the Bacardi we’re brought up with. It also claims to be the ‘true’ base for the Mojito with it being Cuban. So there.

Developing new cocktails or reconstructing old classics, is great fun. Check out the Caribbean Black Iced Tea – my twist on the standard Long Island Iced Tea. Featuring a range of dark spirits rather than the traditional white ones, it reflects my preference for the dark spirits. But try it, see what you think.

Whatever, have fun. And if you want an interesting fact about rum find more here


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