Develop a great new cocktail menu for your bar

While this blog is mainly about my wanderings through the magical world of mixology, I’m not averse to talking to on-trade establishments about how to generate better business led by a great cocktail menu.

Cocktails are a great add-on to bar, bistro and restaurant menus. If you’re in the trade you will know that cocktails are a great way of adding profit to your takings, and of course as a premium serve they add glamour and style to your menu and offerings.

Cocktails to add profit to your bar or restaurant
Cocktails to add profit to your bar or restaurant

If you’re a restauranteur, or bar owner, you may already have a cocktail menu. You may want to improve it, jazz it up a bit, make it a bit more modern. Or you may not currently serve cocktails, but know that you want to build your reputation.

I’m happy to work with restaurants, bistros and bars to advise on cocktail selection. I can give input to the design of the menu, and always suggest working to match the cocktails to your target audience.

If your target market is young, then Mojitos, Cosmopolitans and Caipirinhas may be for you. Cocktails with bright colours too perhaps. However if your clientele is older, or more sophisticated, or more affluent, or male dominated – then I suggest a different approach. For the boys some shorter, spirity cocktails with whisky, cognac and smoky flavours perhaps?

We’re keen on mixology here in the apothecary and so can work with you to design some new cocktails, with unusual ingredients or inspiring ideas. I’ve been working with some home infusions recently. Chilli infused gold tequila, or how about star anise infused gin, or lemongrass vodka, or sloe infused whisky? Plus there’s the great range of Monin syrups I work with including; cucumber, liquorice, cherry, lavender and spiced maple.

If you want a cocktail menu which taps into latest trends, offers your customers something that bit different, and keeps you ahead of the competition, let’s talk.

In order to support you comprehensively, which means we may bring in new concoctions for you, your bar staff and or customers to try, we offer this consultancy style service to local establishments only, so middle England.

With my band of mixologist brothers, we can also run periodic cocktail events with you, where we come and serve a specific range of cocktails for an evening. That can be a great way of generating extra interest in your place with high-profile cocktails.

Cocktails are the way forward. But you might expect me to say that! 😉



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