Seedlip – a new sector – non-alcoholic botanical spirit

Seedlip is a bold and innovative drink which effectively, creates it’s own sector. It is a distilled, but non-alcoholic, botanical ‘spirit.’

Seedlip - a non-alcoholic botanical spirit - yes really
Seedlip – a non-alcoholic botanical spirit – yes really

So as an alternative to spirits, it clearly has a place. I love the whole idea of it. The packaging is superb. It looks like a classy bottle of gin. It is a grown-up type of ingredient for ‘proper’ mocktails. Generally mocktails – as great as they can be, are either brightly coloured or fruit based. Admittedly the Virgin Apple Martini is a notable exception.

And so Ben Branson has come up with Seedlip. I can see this as a common ingredient on mocktail menus, especially ones I put together for parties. Grown-up mocktails. I sooo wanted to love this product and yet it hasn’t quite done it for me. Yet. Maybe it’ll grow on me. It works fairly well with tonic, and I’m sure if you add lemon peel, or grapefruit or olive brine, it will make it a fine drink. I’ll work on this.

The flavour profile on the label refers to wood, spice and citrus. The ingredients include 2 of each apparently. I love the idea of this too. It implies complexity and layers of flavour. But certainly with the bottle I’m sharing with others at the moment, we agree that the clove flavour dominates. And this isn’t an easy flavour to work with. I’m tempted to try it with a little Chartreuse – green probably. That has complexity because of the 128 ingredients it contains and it’s vegetal. And it’s great because of that complexity. I do appreciate the irony of mixing a non-alcoholic botanical drink with 55% green Chartreuse. But that’s just the anarchist mixologist in me! Meanwhile, the search for great mocktails containing Seedlip goes on. I’ll keep you posted.

Incidentally, it’s slightly reassuring to see that I’m not the only one unconvinced by it’s flavour profile. The posts here show a sharp divide. Like Marmite, consumers seem to either love it or hate it.

I think there is work to be done. But I’m glad to see that there is a new Seedlip product out now too Seedlip Garden 108. This one also contains 6 distillates, but this time it’s hay, pea, spearmint, rosemary, thyme and hop. Sounds interesting and so I’d like to try this one too.



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