Lavender Martini – a great modern English cocktail

The lavender martini is a great and modern English cocktail. I tend to be a bit of a purist when it comes to cocktails named Martinis. To me – to be called a Martini a cocktail must be based on gin or possibly vodka and it must feature some form of vermouth. The Espresso Martini is a lovely cocktail, and looks great in a Martini glass, but a Martini – it isn’t!

So, I started out with the standard combination of gin and vermouth. I usually start with gin, first because I prefer it to vodka, and secondly that’s what the traditional martini is. However after trawling around an American website one day, I came across a martini formulation with lavender that featured vanilla vodka. And as you can guess I prefer it.

Beautiful floral cocktail for summer - based on lavender
Beautiful floral cocktail for summer – based on lavender

Lavender is a lovely, fragrant, floral flavour. Mostly we’re used to smelling lavender, rather than tasting it, but there are a trickle of foods featuring lavender, such as lavender ice-cream. And I think combined with the right spirits and liqueurs, it makes for fantastic cocktails. Monin syrups are frequently my access point to new flavours, and lavender was one of the first Monin products I experimented with.

The Lavender Martini then is a combination of ingredients in your shaker with a reasonable amount of ice.

Lavender Martini 

  • 50 ml vanilla vodka
  • 25 ml Noilly Prat vermouth
  • 35 ml Monin lavender syrup

and the original version if you want it is to swap 2 mrs of gin (50 ml) for the vanilla vodka. As I say I prefer the vodka version, but it’s your choice …………………. as it always is.

😉 Cheers

If you’re into Martini cocktails, why not try either of these? Another vodka based one the Strawberry Martini or if you want to go for the traditional gin base, then try the Cherry Martini. Both are great and therefore recommended. And if you want a Bacardi based Martini – you’re in the wrong place! I only call new cocktails Martinis if they are based on either gin or vodka. So there! 😉



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