Strawberry Martini

Admittedly Martini-style cocktails appear to be all the rage again at the moment. Serve a new cocktail up in a Martini glass and call it a ‘something Martini.’ All very well, but in my view it ought to have a passing resemblance to a proper Martini at least. So to my mind that means it should be gin based, or vodka based. With some form of vermouth in it, and almost certainly a fairly short drink.

I was mucking about one evening in early summer and developed our Strawberry Martini. It is easy to make, no pfaff, just combine all the ingredients with plenty of ice in the shaker.

Strawberry Martini - one for summer
Strawberry Martini – one for summer

Combine as follows;

  • 60 ml of gin
  • 50 ml Chamberyzette strawberry vermouth
  • 25 ml raspberry syrup

This recipe is admittedly a bit punchy, with nearly 2.5 measures of gin, so by all means cut back the quantities to suit. I’d suggest keeping the proportions the same though.

I tend to use Monin raspberry syrup, which may seem odd given that this is a strawberry martini. There are 2 reasons for this. First I didn’t have any strawberry syrup when I first started putting this cocktail together. And now I quite like it this way, so the recipe has stuck.

There are other Martini combinations to try too, all based on gin or vodka, and featuring other syrup flavours from the fantastic Monin range. There is the Lavender Martini, with vanilla vodka and the Eastern-inspired Cardamartini, with cardamom. So if you’re looking for Martini ideas, there are plenty out there.






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