Cherry Martini

For me one of the great finds at the trade show Imbibe back in summer 2014 was Cherry Spirit, from Bold Spirits London. I’ve had a couple of cocktail at bars with it in, but always felt it had greater potential. Bold Cherry Spirit is a little deceptive as it is made of botanicals and is based on a cherry flavour. So it would be easy to think it is a bit like gin, but with sweet cherry flavours. But it’s not. I don’t think the cherry flavour is especially pronounced, it certainly isn’t sweet. In fact it has a bitter after-taste, that from the cassia bark. Therefore it claims to be an aperitif spirit and needs consideration when mixed in cocktails.

Cherry Martini - slightly bitter sweet
Cherry Martini – slightly bitter sweet

Because it has a bitter profile, it seemed obvious to try it in a Martini type of mix. Monin cherry syrup was an obvious addition to add sweetness to balance out the bitter, and to bring out the cherry flavour too. Add some gin and some sweet red vermouth (i.e. a traditional Martini) and there you have it, a new cocktail the Cherry Martini.

Cherry Martini 

Shake these ingredients in you shaker with ice, as follows;

  • 25ml gin
  • 25 ml sweet vermouth
  • 25ml Bold London Cherry Spirit
  • 15ml of Monin cherry syrup

Shake well to ensure it’s well mixed and then pour into a Martini glass. If you want to go the whole hog, why not garnish with a marschino cherry on a stick.

If it’s the whole summer vibe thing with summery flavours that appeals to you, why not also have a look at the Strawberry Martini recipe. A great one for summer.

Or for something leftfield, if it’s the aperitif, slightly bitter element to this Martini then the Aperol Negroni is a good summer alternative. Either way, enjoy 😉



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