Burns night cocktails

After the thrill of  Christmas and the new year dies down, January dawns and Burn’s night is just around the corner.

Let’s be honest. B**ger all happens in January, so if you’re planning on having a January party and want cocktails and you want a theme, why not consider a Burns night party?

Offer a selection of Scotch malt whiskies
Offer a selection of Scotch malt whiskies







Build yourself a cocktail menu which does at least doff it’s cap to Burns night and all the Scottishness that goes with it. There are some great whisky cocktails. Alternatively set up a selection of Scotch whiskies, with some accompanying tasting notes perhaps and you have an event to remember. At a time of year most would rather forget!

If setting out a representative range of Scottish malts appeals to you, simply make sure all areas are represented;

  • Speyside
  • Highlands
  • Lowlands
  • Campbeltown
  • The Islands (to include smoky malts from Islay)

While the white spirits are undoubtedly the ones that fit a breezy summer mood with gin, vodka, light rum and tequila all featuring prominently, now is the time for the dark spirits, to warm the cockles………

Cognac, whisky, Scotch, Irish and Bourbon, plus dark rums and golden tequila all come into their own when it’s cold outside.

Cheers or Slainte if you want to go the whole hog.



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