Perfection for Christmas Day – Marmalade champagne

Understandably perhaps, I often get asked what a mixologist chooses to drink on Christmas Day. Admittedly I do pretty much have everything to choose from – especially all the weird and wonderful liqueurs. However sometimes perfection is achieved with simple things.

Also, I don’t necessarily want all the hassle of cocktail shakers in the minutes which lead up to the serving of Christmas dinner. So as a suggestion then, perfection for Christmas Day can be Marmalade champagne. This is one I discovered just a few years ago, but it is simply brilliant. All you need are 2 ingredients ; a bottle of something bubbly such as Champagne, Prosecco or Cava and some of Chase’s sublime marmalade vodka.

Chase marmalade vodka comes alive
Stunning drink for Christmas or in fact any celebration

No great trickery either. Just add 25 ml of marmalade vodka to a flute or champagne saucer (as pictured here), top up with your choice of fizz, and you’re good to go.

I am a fan of champagne style cocktails generally, and there are many you can choose from to accompany your meal, your evening or your day!

There are more champagne cocktails here and I will write a second blog soon with some more cocktail suggestions featuring champagne.

But for now, enjoy your day. Happy Christmas one and all. Cheers 😉




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