Black Jack – a liquorice cocktail

Modelled on the ol’ classic the Black Russian. Which is vodka and Kahlua. Add a bit of cream and you have a White Russian. But chances are you knew all that already.

new cocktail recipe
Black Jack cocktail – with Monin syrup

I was interested in developing this cocktail which in effect has just one flavour into something a little more complex and modern. What would go with the slightly smoky tones of coffee in Kahlua? Into the mix goes a little Monin liquorice syrup – which is of course black in colour, well very, very dark brown actually. There weren’t too many cocktails I thought I could add that to without it completely messing up the colour. So the 2 were merged together. Some further refinement work saw the standard vodka being replaced with vanilla vodka and you have the finished product. The original name of the this cocktail was ‘The Colonisation of the Dark World’ but even I eventually agreed that this was a ridiculous name. A guest on drinking this commented that it tasted just like a ‘black jack’ sweet and so the new name was born.

The flavour of this cocktail is deep and rich and perhaps surprisingly chocolatey. No chocolate in it, but it does have those tones to it. That’s what you get mixing coffee liqueur, vanilla in your vodka and liquorice. No, I can’t explain it either.

Black Jack cocktail 

Into the shaker add ice and then ….

  • 2 msrs vanilla vodka
  • 1 1/2 msrs Kahlua
  • 1 1/2 msrs Monin liquorice syrup

By all means add a layer of cream if you’re feeling extravagant. Cheers.


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