London Cocktail Week 2015

London Cocktail Week is a must visit destination, or more to the point – choice of destinations if you’re into cocktails and mixology. Even if you’re from out of town as I am, a trip down on the diddly-de-diddly-dah and an hour and a bit later, and I’m in the big smoke. And if you’re in London, you have even less reason to miss it.

London Cocktail Week is an annual event which takes place between Monday and Sunday usually early in October, finishing around the 11th or 12th. It’s now being grouped together with London Beer Week and London Wine Week under the collective branding of Drink Up London. Breakfast @Teaffanys - Archer Street - LCW '15

The way it works is that a number of bars sign up the event, a heady 275 for 2015 and they each offer a signature cocktail for the miserly sum of £5. Not bad value eh? All you need to do is purchase a London Cocktail Week wristband which you can order in advance on the net. This costs a tenner. You collect your wristband from a nominated hub in central London and away you go. At the hub you also collect your guide book which tells you all the participating bars and where they’re situated so that you can plan out your bar-crawl. Plus details of their signature cocktail of course. Like the sound of that one, think I’ll give that one a miss, that one’s a defo – that sort of thing. L'Orangeraie at Casa  - LCW '15

As well as all of that there are many drinks industry events, functions, interactive workshops and a whole host more. So if you’re serious about your cocktails and want to try some new ideas, keep an eye out for London Cocktail Week. OK, you’ve missed out this time around, but I’m sure there’ll be another one next year. Cheers!


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