Mixers are important – try Peter Spanton beverages

There is a growing appreciation that quality mixers are important. I have to say that certainly at the moment Fever Tree seem to have cornered the market. Anywhere you go (certainly in London) where the establishment prides itself on the quality of it’s drinks, you will generally find Fever Tree products in evidence. fever tree promotion

As they claim in their advertising if the mixer is 75% of your spirit and mix, make sure you use the best. It’s a convincing argument. Especially when you then consider that you might be mixing the quality mixer which costs pence with a quality spirit which cost you £20, £30, £40 or upwards. So compromising on a saccharin laced mixer makes no sense does it really?

Peter Spanton beverages - a premium range to try
Peter Spanton beverages – a premium range to try

Apart from Fever Tree though, there are others such as Fentimans and what we’ve got here Peter Spanton’s range of tonics and soda. Each flavour in the range carries a number designating the product. I first came across these last year at the Imbibe Live Show 2014. I love the idea of tonic water with cardamom, and tonic water with lemongrass. Adding those to gin sounds like fun doesn’t it? Or maybe flavoured vodka? And as for tonic with chocolate, I just love the ambition. While chocolate isn’t my flavour selection of choice usually, a mixologist combined it at Imbibe Live 2014 with green Chartreuse on the basis that it is an alpine flavour combination. Happy with that as an idea.

I’ve tried the soda in an Aperol Spritz and jolly good it is too. Still with only 1 msr going into the finished product, it perhaps doesn’t have the chance to shine. We’ll try it with others and let you know.

Distribution for Peter Spanton beverages (as they call themselves) has certainly grown over the last year, and so along with other new, more natural flavours-based mixers I’d say “give ’em a go.”





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