Basquezera – a modern twist on the Silk Stockings

A long time ago, well the 80s to be truthful there was a classic cocktail the Silk Stockings which always struck me as a bit of a not-very-obvious combination of silver tequila (blanco if you prefer), white creme de cacao, and cream. And the clever bit was add a dash of grenadine and by the time you’ve shaken it and poured it into your glass you have a pink fluffy cocktail. Furthermore despite my initial reservations it didn’t half taste good too. Admittedly unashamedly feminine but good nonetheless.

Fast forward to 4-5 years ago and I was introduced to Montezuma dark chocolate with chilli. I don’t need to tell you, but I’ve wondered if the same could be done with cocktails, combine chocolate with chilli? I then cross-fertilised this idea with something pink and fluffy for hen parties. Why not make something based around the flavours of chilli and chocolate but which looks pink & fluffy. Got to be worth a go I thought.

The result is the stonking Basquezera which really does have layers of flavour to it. You get a definite chocolate hit on the nose and early on, followed by the slight alcohol burn with a touch of raspberry and then the chilli gets you and produces a very, very long finish.

Incidentally the raspberry syrup in version#1 was instead of grenadine and was intended to produce the pink colour. Only it doesn’t and so I had to add the grenadine as well. Absolut peppar vodka seems an ideal donor for the house-infused chilli vodka. A new cocktail is born. The full recipe is



  • 1 msr chilli-infused peppar vodka
  • 1 msr Mozart chocolate vodka
  • 1 msr white creme de cacao
  • 1 msr Monin raspberry syrup
  • 1 1/2 msrs whipping cream
  • dash of grenadine





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