Cardamartini – one of our Martini style cocktails with an unusual twist

The Cardamartini – an unusual twist on the classic Martini.

A few times I have mucked about with derivations of the classic Martini. Fundamentally I like gin and I now like vermouth as an ingredient. That said the classic Martini : gin and a hint of vermouth seems a bit overrated to me to be honest, but I’ll write about that in a separate post.

But anyway, I’m always interested in adding something else to this classic mix. Monin syrups make a great range of products, giving you the chance to be truly creative. And why not?

Cardamartini - a new spicy take on the classic Martini
Cardamartini – a new spicy take on the classic Martini

Given that people often say cardamom spice has an orangey flavour, the Cardamartini was born. It’s a simple cocktail mix. Combine all the ingredients with ice in your shaker and serve in a martini glass – obviously.

Cardamartini recipe

  • 2 msrs Gin
  • 1 msr Martini vermouth rosato
  • 3/4 msr Cointreau
  • 1 msr Monin cardamom syrup

I use rosato as the vermouth because it gives a great pink colouring to your cocktail. There are other versions of the Martini about, a few other variations I’ve developed written about elsewhere.Why not try a Lavender Martini which is an unusual but great flavour base for a vodka Martini? Or the Rosadka Martini is a twist on the Martini theme with flavours of English summer : rose, raspberry and rhubarb?

In the meantime, try the Cardamartini and see what you think.


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