New England – a cocktail for Autumn

Cocktails like many things can be seasonal if you want them to be. Offer your greatest creamy creation in the middle of Summer and you may not find your guests rushing to choose them. Similarly I found years ago, that the most popular cocktails at an event between Christmas and New year were the light-in-alcohol ones.

New England cocktail - perfect for Autumn
New England cocktail – perfect for Autumn

A couple of years ago, I set out to develop a cocktail to sum up Autumn. Can’t remember why, but it’s not important anyway. And so the cocktail that eventually got named the New England was born.

1 1/2 msrs Bourbon

1/2 msr Monin maple spiced syrup

4 mrs pressed apple juice

The combination of flavours works well. The Monin maple spice syrup is really good. I guess you could use it with other things such as ice-cream but this is a cocktail blog – not a food feature, but it goes well with the slightly smoky sweet quality of the bourbon. Then balanced out with the apple juice.

Hopefully you’ll have guessed this is a simple formulation shaken with ¬†with plenty of ice. Served here in a Martini glass. Recommended.


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