Summer Lemon Martini – new cocktail

Summer Lemon Martini. A new cocktail. This is a great cocktail for summer. For when you’re lounging around outside, feeling pleased with yourself and ready to be a little indulgent. Time for a cocktail obviously. As with many others, I came up with this combination by a series of random actions and thoughts. Can’t remember what thy were – but it is of no consequence anyway! The slight danger with creme de menthe I often find is that it can easily dominate any drink it’s put with. And green isn’t always a great colour for a daytime drink anyway. So I turned to white creme de menthe. It tastes like the green version but is clear, so will combine well with any other colours you choose. I was interested in coming up with something for summer, so combined these 3 ingredients, which for me all have something about summer. Here we’re combining lemon, elderflower and mint.

Summer Lemon Martini - with lemon vodka & elderflower
Summer Lemon Martini – with lemon vodka & elderflower

Summer Lemon Martini

  • 2 1/2 msrs lemon vodka (60 ml)
  • 1 msr St. Germain elderflower liqueur (25 ml)
  • 1 tsp of white creme de menthe

Shake well with ice in your shaker, and pour into a Martini glass. You may find the amount of vodka a bit scary, so of course you can always scale it down. The tip is always to keep the same proportions. The first time at least, until you’ve tried it. So 1.25 vodka, 0.5 St. Germain, & half tsp should still be fine. However, you want to ensure you don’t overdo the creme de menthe as it has the ability to drown out the other flavours.

I’m always interested in hearing of other great seasonal recipes too of course, so if you have a summer favourite, post it in comments here. Cheers 😉

And assuming you’ve read to this point because you’re fascinated by the whole Martini thing, why not consider these 2 alternatives. The Strawberry Martini is a thing of beauty and is also great for summer. And for something a little more leftfield why not try the in-house creation the Rosadka Martini which adds elements of rose, rhubarb and raspberry – if that sounds like your kinda thing.


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