That difficult first blog entry

The auspicious (or inauspicious) first post. This blog is all about ………………… cocktails. You knew that already.

Although I run a business the Cocktail Shaker Boys this is the hobby behind the business.

Here I will be sharing thoughts about new cocktail formulations, my own creations, other people’s creations. The bits I love that others do, the bits that make my blood boil and the new ideas coming out from the excellent bars and mixologists out there.

What is here is all about the ingredients. What I use to make new cocktails in the apothecary, revised formulations for old classic cocktails, revisiting old recipes, and showcasing new products. Have you noticed how innovative Britain is at the moment in the field of spirits, mixers, and even vermouths and wine?

Cocktail bars will be covered where I have the privilege …………… Also ideas I may pick up from trade shows or simply chatting to great, knowledgeable people.

As you may already know from my personal profile, I am an East Midlands based mixologist, keen on a little liquid alchemy to produce innovative new cocktails, reworked classics, with a particular liking for prohibition-era cocktails. It’s all about the ingredients. That’s all. Cheers


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