St. Patrick’s Day cocktails

Irish whiskey based cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day. A couple of ideas here for Irish themed cocktail drinks. Some green drinks for March 17th. A time to dust off the bottle of Irish whiskey and put it to celebratory use. Alternatively sip some very special single pot still whiskey. Whatever is your thing.


The Last Word cocktail recipe

The Last Word is a great but full-on flavoured prohibition era cocktail. And it features green Chartreuse, which makes it unusual already. Add in maraschino, which, chances are you also don’t use a lot of, and you have one distinctive cocktail. Plus gin and lime juice, and this is one straightforward but tasty cocktail.

French Martini – doesn’t quite do it somehow

French Martini is a modern cocktail which is well known, if not quite a classic. It combines vodka, with Chambord black raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice. All nice ingredients, but somehow I don’t this combination works. See what you think.

OMD – an alternative mocktail

The OMD is a refreshing, fruity, authentic mocktail. A great alcohol free drink for summer. The name means something of course. It tells you what is in the drink. Although for pop fans from the 80s it means something else too.

Virgin Apple Mojito – non-alcoholic classic cocktail

The Virgin Apple Mojito is arguably the best of the mocktails for all the same reasons that the classic Mojito is the most popular cocktail choice. A big hit of lime and mint and a little added sweetness. Replace the rum with pressed apple juice and you have a winner.

China Blue – visually stunning mocktail

Some great mocktails for dry January. A great chance to discover some new ones. Get some new ones on your cocktail menu. This one, is based on the old 80s classic the Blue Lagoon. It features Rubicon lychee juice in place of the vodka, with non-alcoholic blue curacao to make a striking, refreshing mocktail.

Going dry for January?

Going dry for January? It’s good to ease off in the new year, so 4 top mocktail recipes will appear here over the next 4 weeks.

4 easy cocktails to make at home

4 of the easiest cocktails to make at home here for you. You don’t necessarily need a cocktail shaker, a large supply of ice or especially elegant glasses. Go minimalist.

Green Apple Martini – a modern classic

Green Apple Martini. Make a perfect cocktail at home. All you need is Gin, Apple Sourz and Monin green apple syrup. Something you can try at home. And then version 2 adds pressed apple juice to the mix, making a better balanced longer cocktail.

Spiced Negroni – an interesting twist on a classic

Many will argue that the iconic Negroni shouldn’t be messed with. However this for me is the the best Negroni around. The Spiced Negroni featuring the fabulous Audemus pink pepper gin, Sacred Spirits spiced red vermouth and a little Campari.