Sandbar – easier than a Pina Colada

The Sandbar is a great cocktail developed in-house based on the flavour profile of the classic Pina Colada. But it so much easier to make. With ice in your shaker, all you need is some good golden rum, Malibu and pineapple juice. A nice sipper for summer.

The Last Word cocktail recipe

The Last Word is a great but full-on flavoured prohibition era cocktail. And it features green Chartreuse, which makes it unusual already. Add in maraschino, which, chances are you also don’t use a lot of, and you have one distinctive cocktail. Plus gin and lime juice, and this is one straightforward but tasty cocktail.

Jacaranda afternoon – Lavender cocktail

The Jacaranda Afternoon is a lavender based cocktail also containing both gin and vodka. So, it is powerful and heady, but a subtle flavoured botanical cocktail.

OMD – an alternative mocktail

The OMD is a refreshing, fruity, authentic mocktail. A great alcohol free drink for summer. The name means something of course. It tells you what is in the drink. Although for pop fans from the 80s it means something else too.

Virgin Apple Mojito – non-alcoholic classic cocktail

The Virgin Apple Mojito is arguably the best of the mocktails for all the same reasons that the classic Mojito is the most popular cocktail choice. A big hit of lime and mint and a little added sweetness. Replace the rum with pressed apple juice and you have a winner.

China Blue – visually stunning mocktail

Some great mocktails for dry January. A great chance to discover some new ones. Get some new ones on your cocktail menu. This one, is based on the old 80s classic the Blue Lagoon. It features Rubicon lychee juice in place of the vodka, with non-alcoholic blue curacao to make a striking, refreshing mocktail.

Baileys Irish Cream cocktails

Baileys Irish Cream makes a great base for cocktails if creamy, indulgent cocktails are your idea of fun. Here are some of my ideas for how you can easily mix Baileys with other great ingredients to make a fantastic range of cocktails. Have fun 😉

The trouble with whisky in cocktails

Whisky cocktails may not be plentiful as whisky especially scotch doesn’t play nicely with other ingredients, but if you’re determined you can find some cracking cocktails using a variety of whiskies including scotch.

For f**** sake try some new cocktails

Be experimental with cocktails. That’s the whole point. Great to have discovered some cocktails you really like. But in amongst the desire to revisit your faves, keep pushing the boundaries. Try some new ideas, trust the barman or mixologist to offer you some new things you haven’t tried before, including perhaps your new favourite cocktail.

2 simple cocktails to try at home

2 classic and classy cocktail recipes. 2 favourites which are both easy to make. Just 2 ingredients and you don’t even need any ice. Doesn’t get easier than these…

Cognac – an interesting fact about …

An interesting fact about cognac. It’s all about the 6 grape growing areas within the Cognac area. The liquid spirit named Fine Champagne Cognac is explained here. Generally when cocktail making use standard French brandy. Avoid others such as Metaxa, and generally don’t waste good cognac in your cocktails.