New products mixologists need please drinks industry

Here are the additional products I’d like to see the drinks industry produce for us mixologists. They’e already doing a good job, but there are some gaps. Here, my thoughts on liqueurs, vermouths, cognac, peanut butter, spices and English summer flavours.

Attar Rose – beautiful Lanique based cocktail

Attar Rose is a lovely, fragrant, champagne style cocktail. Combining the excellent rose liqueur Lanique, with a little black raspberry Chambord, topped up with fizz. Prosecco, Champagne or Cava, whatever you have. This deserves to be a classic.

Spirits and liqueurs you need – the 12 categories

Tips and advice on the 12 bottles to get to start your own in-house cocktail collection. These are the 12 categories of spirits and liqueurs that all great cocktails are based on. So start here and you’ll be away.

Tequila Sunrise – simplicity itself

The Tequila Sunrise is a straightforward and easy cocktail to make. It’s fairly inexpensive too. My preferred variation on this is the spicy tequila sunrise with a small dash of jalapeno syrup. Gives this simple cocktail the pep it’s always needed.

Gin starts off as vodka

Vodka and gin start off as the same base spirit. It’s the addition of botanicals such as juniper which start to differentiate gin from vodka. Vodka is the easiest base for cocktails of course, because it is the most neutrally flavoured of all the spirits.

Long Island Iced Tea – I’m really not sure

The Long Island Iced Tea. I’m really not sure about this cocktail. Not sure it’d make my Top 100 but it’s a well-known and popular cocktail. It lacks subtlety and if it was a car it’d be an American large block V8. A monster of a cocktail. 7 ingredients. Read on…..

Tipping Point – modern and English cocktail

Try this aperitivo style cocktail with mainly English ingredients. It combines equal quantities of Kamm & Sons aperitif with Chase Marmalade vodka and half as much Martini Rosso. Slightly bitter in flavour, this is a great pre-dinner cocktail. More here.

How long do spirits and liqueurs last?

How long do spirits and liqueurs last? This is a question I get asked frequently as we do our talks around the Midlands on spirits, liqueurs and cocktail making. The good news is that the majority of them last indefinitely. There are some exceptions though, and some bits of general advice here…

Infusions are the way forward for cocktails

Infusions are a great way of creating new cocktails and cocktail flavours. Having bought an infuser, I now have the opportunity to add a range of herbs, spices and other flavourings to base spirits and liqueurs. A chance to make them unique too.